My Journey to Helping You

My path wasn't always clear to me. Early on, I pursued a career in social work, driven by a desire to understand and alleviate the complexities of human suffering. However, it was my own struggles with health and the conventional medical system's inability to provide answers that propelled me toward a different path. Through this journey, I discovered the power of Reiki and sound therapy—not just as modalities for healing others but as transformative forces in my own life.

I recall my initiation into the world of Reiki; it was almost serendipitous. A friend kept suggesting I explore Reiki, believing it could offer something profound. Skeptical yet open-minded, I finally agreed to learn more, only to realize that I had been intuitively practicing a form of energy healing all along. This revelation was a turning point, marking the beginning of an immersive exploration into sound therapy, Reiki, and beyond.

My practice has evolved significantly since those early days. From facilitating sound baths that leave participants in awe to providing Reiki sessions that delve deep into the quantum levels of healing, I've witnessed the miraculous shifts that can occur when we tap into our inherent energetic potential. Each client's journey reinforces my belief in our collective capacity for self-healing, transformation, and growth.


I help my clients restore their health and hope